Lucid is a PropTech Consultancy and Creative Agency that was founded in 2013. We consult, strategise, generate ideas and make stuff.

Prop Tech is a growing sector. It’s disrupting and improving the way in which real estate is presented and promoted. But the options available can be numerous and complex. So Lucid works with you to understand your needs before making clear recommendations.

For example, traditional ways of presenting real estate information are limited and passive. So Lucid delivers modern digital solutions that significantly improve the communication of future space.   These solutions can include Interactive Architectural Visualisations, 3D Interactive Architectural models, Augmented and Virtual Reality Architecture.

We work with companies that are looking to promote future spaces in new ways, accelerate decisions and achieve higher value sales. Our Clients include Asset Managers, Developers, Real Estate Consultants, Architects, Governments Depts, Exhibition Designers, Event Organisers, Museums and Archaeologists.


Lucid benefits from a unique blend of in house Architecture, Programming and Marketing experience. So we can fully understand plans and deliver both commercially and creatively effective recommendations. This is particularly useful on projects where some decisions are still pending or likely to evolve. We can begin work and simply adapt if necessary. Delivering high-quality work that acknowledges our Clients deadlines.

So whether it’s simply compiling all your existing information into a user friendly App, creating a suite of solutions to accentuate a luxury residential development or delivering an entire interactive 3D masterplan model to explain a large scale City Regeneration project, Lucid will help you communicate the future vision in the clearest and most effective way possible.


We are always interested in meeting talented, interesting and enthusiastic people.
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