FUTURE PropTech 2019 Navigation Tool

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Orientating yourself, as a visitor, at an event can be stressful and potentially overwhelming due to the scale of the event environment. Many visitors come without a ‘game plan’ as to what they want to see and do; they haven’t had time to do detailed research into the exhibitors in advance, neither have they created a personal timetable of talks that they want to attend! Does this sound familiar?

We wanted to create a highly intuitive touch screen application that:

  • Allowed people to orientate themselves in the space quickly;
  • Enabled people to find the exhibits and talks that interest them;
  • Communicated the excitement of exploring the event for themselves.

Personal perspective

To do this, we introduced the space from the individual user’s perspective as opposed to an objective perspective. The user can orientate the map to their preferred perspective whilst they review and select the stands they wish to visit. Once the user has completed their interrogation of what is on offer, the map will go back to the initial horizontal plane for the next user’s viewing pleasure.


Interrogating the event

Every exhibitor, stage, activity (including eating and drinking) and type of technology is listed, and segmented so that the user can locate whatever they need. Once an item is selected from the list on the left-hand side of the screen, the corresponding area is highlighted on the map.

Creating your own map

Within a few intuitive clicks, the user can essentially create their own highlighted 3D map of the event. This will not only help the user find what they are looking for but it will also ensure that they use their time as efficiently as possible. The overall result is an intuitive navigation tool that is fun to use and captures the size and scope of the event in a beautifully simplified 3D model of the space.

“It’s been great working with the FUTURE PropTech team. They have been really open to new ideas as to how to communicate their event to their visitors.”  – Robert Small, Creative Director at Lucid Environments.


Building Britain’s biggest bank branch (in a virtual 3D environment)

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Halifax Plc has been taking its position on the High Street very seriously and has left nothing to chance. The development of its new flagship branch, now situated on New Oxford Street, was a significant undertaking not least because it is, in fact, the biggest bank branch in Britain.

Pre-build testing

It was very much a priority for the Halifax to put their flagship store through its ‘virtual’ paces and get buy-in from all the relevant stakeholders before turning it into a reality. This was made possible by working in collaboration with Honest, to create the interior design for the branch, and then with Lucid Environments, to realise and explore that design within a virtual 3D environment. 

How the interactive App worked

In order to give stakeholders an appreciation for the building’s interior, an interactive App enabled the user to navigate their way through the branch. It included the following elements:

  • Data layers combined with aerial imagery – set the initial scene and gave context to the branch’s location;
  • 3D building model – included separable and stackable levels to give easy access to every area and assist with navigation;
  • Real-time walk-through – enables the user to plot their own course and investigate the space as they choose;
  • Video tour with 360-degree view options throughout – allows the user to be guided through the space but gives them the autonomy to opt for better views at any point by pausing the video and having a ‘better look’.
  • Hotspots – flag up significant areas of interest with the branch.

The Halifax interactive App can be viewed in our Work section, along with a selection of other portfolio projects.


Exhibiting at FUTURE PropTech 2019

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Lucid Environments are excited to be exhibiting at FUTURE PropTech 2019, the annual event responsible for celebrating PropTech innovation in all its forms. The event will be held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, on Tuesday, 14th May.

PropTech Innovation

Celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2019, the event will bring together the most innovative players in the PropTech sphere. This doesn’t just mean big business, organisations both large and small will either be presenting their technological advantages, looking to solve the challenges their real estate businesses are experiencing or simply seeking out PropTech innovation. Be it the drive for efficiency through the automation of processes or the augmentation of traditional sales and marketing tools that motivates them, what both sizes of businesses will have in common, is the need to collaboratively work together to achieve results.

Open Collaboration

Most fittingly, the theme of the show this year is ‘open collaboration’. Exhibitors and speakers will be presenting real-life case studies to illustrate their experiences in producing, adopting and having success with PropTech solutions.

As both an exhibitor and speaker at the event, Lucid Environments will be showcasing their proven suite of tech sales and marketing tools, specifically designed to help developers and their agents sell off-plan faster, alongside a selection of innovative and fully customised projects from our portfolio.

Where to find us

Come visit us at stand number 37. Or, check out Neil Small, Director of Lucid Environments, on the Launch Stage at 10.20am. Tickets for the event are available through the FUTURE PropTech website.