Our solutions

When making investment and purchasing decisions it’s important for Clients to understand and get excited by the key benefits of the wider Area, the Development itself and the specifics of the individual building. Lucid solutions provide instant information and inspiration on these key stages.

This can be a compelling mixture of visual aesthetics and technical information, For example, interactive overview maps that highlight an areas connectivity, breathtaking 360-degree views of the Development’s design vision or immersive walkthroughs that allow Clients to customize floors and rooms. Clients can even save preferences and create a digital brochure that’s unique to them.

By significantly improving understanding and confidence these solutions are helping to prove scheme viability, speed up the disposal of portfolio assets and accelerate off-plan sales and lettings.

Lucid solutions are used in the following areas:
Masterplanning / Residential / Commercial / Retail / Leisure / Consultancy / Museums / Automotive / Yacht / Archaeology /

Interactive Area Maps

Click on overhead photograph, graphic or satellite images to instantly display key area information. E.g. transport routes, demographic data, local restaurants and retail.

Interactive 3D Overview

Detailed digital 3D Model of the entire Area or Development. Spin around, zoom in and click on the model to understand the design and access key information.

Build Timeline

Watch the area, infrastructure, routes or development grow over time. The key phases of the build take place as the timescale slider is moved.

360 Degree Photos or CGIs

Interact with an entire 360° view of the most attractive and compelling external and internal locations. Click on the image to access additional information.

3D Walkthroughs

Realistic, interactive 3D walk-throughs of the entire development or specific buildings. Viewers can move through the site and appreciate the spatial and design details.

Building and Residence/Unit Selector

Instantly access information such as floor space, no’ of bedrooms, services, prices. Clients can select choices that match their criteria and save/share a favourite list.

Augmented Reality

Transform static 2D plans into detailed, interactive 3D Models. Spin around, zoom in and animate the model.  Users can now instantly understand the building.

Virtual Reality

Completely immersive 3D virtual simulations of future space.  Users can view and walk around as if they were standing within the future development.  They can even interact with the space.

Client Customisation

Clients are able to select options and see how their choices influence the design. Change flooring, furnishings, furniture, room layout and lighting conditions.

Real View Integration

360° HD Photography of real views. These can be taken at any future floor level. When integrated with a 3D model Clients can see their actual view from the window of the future building.

Sunpath Analysis

Select any time of day and watch how the sun’s position influences the light outside and inside the building.

Digital Presentations

All or any of the above solutions can be combined with existing material or presented in a smart and simple digital brochure.


Lucid solutions can be distributed globally and viewed on a range of digital platforms.  These include smartphones, tablets, computers, touchscreens and Virtual Reality Headsets.

They are portable, easy to update and extremely user-friendly. So Agents and Clients can interact with them without the need for training or a live internet connection.

So whether the presentation is a private one to one meeting, a boardroom or an exhibition attended by thousands, we can recommend the right platforms for you.